Cambridge Exams – Flo-Joe has gone mobile!

Cambridge English ExamsIf you are taking a Cambridge English exam, then I’m sure you have already signed up to the weekly email updates  as per my recommendation.  However, if you haven’t had time to check your email this week you might not be aware that parts of the Flo-Joe product have  gone mobile.  So, this is what they say:
We’ve been very busy over the last few months converting our
materials into a format suitable for both PCs, Macs AND mobile
devices. It’s a long and ongoing job but we’re pleased to
announce our popular “Makeover’ pages can now be accessed
on your smartphone and tablet.Our Makeovers feature students’ answers to our weekly Writingtasks, along with our feedback. If you haven’t seen them, here are the links to FCE, CAE and CPE. We’ll be adding new Makeovers, including answers to the new 2015 tasks over the next few months:

  1. FCE
  2. CAE
  3. CPE

To take a break

take a breakTo take or have a break means to take a rest.
You can take a short break from a particular task you are doing, you can take a long break and go on holiday or you can take a temporary break from someone. For example, yesterday I took a short break from work and met a friend for coffee, last month I took a longer break and went to the UK for a holiday and at the moment I’m taking a break from my boyfriend because he’s really getting on my nerves. checkout assistantEver wondered how checkout assistants take a break?  If so, watch this short 20 second video.

Finally, when do you usually take a break and what do you do to chill out and recharge your batteries?

To be as busy as a bee

as busy as a beeTo be as busy as a bee is a common idiom used when we want to say that we are very busy! Curiously, despite the fact that worker bees are very conscientious and hardworking, the Queen bee, in my humble opinion, is very slothful, idle and lazy! In fact, she’s very similar to a couch potato! Wouldn’t you agree?

To be like a headless chicken

Too much to do, too much too do!!!

Too much to do, too much too do!!!

To be like a headless chicken is a common idiom which means that you are very, very busy and that you are doing things very quickly without thinking carefully about what you are doing.

For example:  My sister has just started a new job and she‘s like a headless chicken trying to organise her professional and personal life.  Having said that, her biggest challenge is trying to arrange daycare for her children.  Seriously, why don’t companies have créches?  It’s such a simple concept and yet most employers turn a blind eye to the needs of their employees.  It’s true, this situation makes me red with rage!

Do you want to learn more idioms connected to chickens? If so, Click here

To be snowed under

snowed underTo be snowed under is an idiom which means you are really, really, really busy. Indeed, this week I’m snowed under. I have a million and one things to do and there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete them all. To help me, I’ve written a list.
Janette’s to do list:
1. Go shopping: In order to buy an inflatable crocodile for a beach party
2. Arrange a meeting with my bank manager: In order to beg for my credit card back.
3. Do accounts: In order to please my accountant. However, first, I need to find my calculator and then I need to look for all my receipts
4. Iron clothes: First, look up on the Internet how to to iron a shirt
5. Fix broken toaster: First, complain to the manufacturer that the model is rubbish
6. Buy aspirin: Fixing the toaster will give me a headache!
7. Water plants: First, find the plant food
8. Change boyfriend: As he’s really getting on my nerves
9. Apologise to boyfriend: As I’m really getting on his nerves
10. Organise dance competition: It’s a danceathon: disco versus flamenco.
11. Concentrate and focus on priorities: Janette, stop looking at disco dancing videos on YouTube!

See you later Errol Brown!

Hot ChocolateLast week, Errol Brown, the lead singer of the soul and funk band Hot Chocolate, died of liver cancer and it’s time for me to say: ’’See you later Errol!’’

If you are too young to know the tunes of Hot Chocolate, all I can say is, there are definitely some advantages of being older! With this in mind, check out their 1975 hit: ‘You sexy thing’

Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps

A pint of lager and a pork pie ( Oops no crisps)

A pint of lager and a pork pie ( Oops no crisps)

Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps is the name of a popular English ‘sitcom’ (situation comedy) set in the North of England.

Generally speaking, a pint of lager and a packet of crisps are by far the most popular English snacks. Personally speaking, the tastiest crisps are cheese and onion flavoured, although my brother prefers smokey bacon; disgusting!!

According to an online poll, the tastiest snack in Spain is a tortilla, but I think someone is pulling my leg as it seems to me that people prefer to eat  fried fish.

Finally, if you want to listen to two people ordering food in a popular curry house in London then click here. How to order food

Food glorious food: Restaurant reviews El Tapy

El TapyI can’t bear cooking, but I am really keen on eating and stuffing my face. I also like sharing information about must-do restaurants in Málaga.

Has anyone tried the top-notch food at El Tapy in the historical centre of Malaga? Well, if not, if I were in your shoes, I would make a plan to go there with your mates; you will definitely not regret it!

The service is second-to-none and the waiters are hot!  As a vegetarian, I have to say I’m bored, bored, bored of Spanish omelettes, honeyed aubergines and a few tomatoes and onions mixed together with enough olive oil to sink a ship.  So I was over the moon to have lots of vegetarian options when I ate at El Tapy the other week.

shoestring budgetMoreover, if you are on a shoestring budget, this is the perfect place as it’s as cheap as chips, especially if you order the ‘daily offer’.  In addition, I had a blast chatting to the owner.

So, how do you write a restaurant review? If you are an Inglés Malaga client, you can check out my sample review in the Downloads section, but it you are not, perhaps you could follow these guidelines: How to Write a Restaurant Review

Finally, in Málaga:

  1. Which restaurants would you recommend to a group of young tourists on a budget?
  2. Which restaurants would you recommend to people who can’t stand children?
  3. Which restaurants are family-friendly?

The big cheese

The big cheese is a colloquial expression used to describe a very important person; for example, the Chief Executive, the Head Teacher, the Prime Minister, or the most important manager or director of a company.  Indeed, David Cameron is the big cheese of the UK as a result of the recent British general elections.

So, what’s your big cheese like? Is he or she a cold fish, or, are they friendly and approachable? Come on spill the beans.


gone off foodInedible is an adjective which means that something is unfit to eat. So, why might something be inedible? Well, the food could have gone off, or it could have passed its use-by date, or it could taste so bad that it’s not possible to swallow it. In fact, last month I hosted a dinner party and the soya chili I cooked was so inedible that we had to go out for dinner instead!