Role play: Flirting in a bar

role play bar flirtingWhat is the most likely response to this situational question?

I like your dress but it would look better on my bedroom floor”!

  1. Are you pulling my leg!
  2. How much do you earn?
  3. Talk to the hand because my ears aren’t listening

Please write your answer below.

To be skint

To be skint

The expression: ‘to be skint’ means you have no money.For example: I’m sorry, I can’t eat out this weekend because I’m skint.

Have you spent all your money at the sales?  Are you skint?

Inglés Málaga Chat Room: The big debate: Yes or No!

Speaking Chat Room Malaga 8 Oct 2015Are you interested in improving your English speaking skills in a relaxed way?
If yes, the Inglés Málaga Chat Room sessions with Janette will be able to help you!
The next session is:

  1.  Chat Room Session: The Big Debate: Yes or No!
  2. Date: Wednesday 07th October 2015. 20:15pm: 21:15pm
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Giving Advice: The kids won’t eat their greens

You are trying to persuade your teenage child that eating vegetables is a beneficial thing. What would be the most effective strategy?



Giving Advice: The where to live problem

You and your partner have 2 children and you have decided to get on the property ladder and buy a house. What do you buy?


Giving Advice: The get fit problem

Your best friend is an overweight couch potato but he has decided that he wants to become a professional body builder. He thinks the best way to transform his body is to have plastic surgery and to take chemical enhancers. You, obviously, think he’s a complete nutjob! What advice would you give him?

Inglés Málaga Chat Room: The perfect relationship!

Ingles Malaga Chat Room 30.09.15Are you interested in improving your English speaking skills?

If yes, the Inglés Málaga Chat Room Sessions will be able to help you!

The next session is:

  1. Chat Room Session: The perfect partnership: Are you pulling my leg?
  2. Date: Wednesday 30th September 2015. 20:15 : 21:15.
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Vegetable lover

vegetable loverA vegetable lover is a person, like me, who loves eating vegetables.    Indeed, you can use the word, lover, after most nouns to describe a person’s interests.  For example, I’m a music lover, a chocolate lover and a David Beckham lover.  What type of lover are you?

Friday Fun Time!

No jobs no hope no cashIt’s joke time!  Yesterday, a client,  made me laugh my pants off by sending me this joke.

So, it might be true that  many of us are jobless; that hope is only a concept for the world of  Star Wars and that we are all as poor as church mice but, at least we still have magic mushrooms, little blue pills and Public Enemy!

Survival Dilemma: The long-haul flight

You are about to take an 18 hour flight; what do you take with you?