Take a break; do some maintenance, get jiggy!

Take a break Ingles MalagaThe Inglés Málaga blog is taking a short summer break in order to recharge its batteries, do some maintenance work, and get’ jiggy’ with some other bloggers.

However, you can still improve your English level daily by taking classes with us, yes the blog is taking a break but we aren’t, or by:

  1. Using the Search Page Facility to look up previous posts
  2. Using the Learning Discipline drop down function if you want to focus on a specific language skill
  3. Reviewing topic specific vocabulary and ideas by checking out The Topic of the Month sections
  4. Listening to the BBC podcasts located at the bottom of the pages
  5. Checking out the Link In section to connect to external resources
  6. Post some summer requests and recommendations

Have a chilled out August and be cheeky!

Stop judging and start living your own life!

you are a geniusJanette’s thought of the day echoes the thoughts of Einstein.  That’s right, I’m a genius despite the fact that I can’t fry an egg, iron, brush my hair, put on makeup or rewire a plug.

Environment: Investment in renewable energy; what’s the story?

Renewable energySo, is it economics, politics, pressure from fossil fuel companies, corruption or lack of vision?  Not sure, neither am I, but this is what Carig Froome thinks.



Environment: How green is the sun?

solar powerYes, I’m sure you are as shocked as me. I, like many Spaniards, think that it’s never sunny is the UK.  However, perhaps we’re not seeing the bigger picture.  Indeed, my mother is much smarter than me as she already has solar panels on her house in the UK.  Anyway, if you want to know what all the excitement is about, check out the full report here.



To be energy-efficient

energy pyramidEnergy-efficient is an adjective which means that something uses less power to produce the same output. For example, you can have energy-efficient light bulbs, domestic appliances, houses and cars. Unfortunately, I don’t have an energy-efficient brain!

Work: Having a harmonious work-life balance can make you greener!

Work-life balancePerfect, yet one more reason to work smarter and not longer hours! Check out the findings of this article here.



Work: Working contracts to help statistics and not people!

working contractsSo, although, statistically speaking, the UK has the lowest unemployment rate (5.8%) for the last 6 years, what actually does this really mean?  Well, according to these researchers, absolutely nothing good! If you have enthusiasm, you can read the full article here.



Flat Hunting: Can you help Janette find a new flat to rent?

flat hunting janetteSo what’s the story Janette?

Well, I’m thinking about moving flats and as we live in a very small city I’m sure somebody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows someone else who is trying to rent a flat.
No problem Janette; we know you are reliable, quiet and very professional, so what kind of flat do you want?

cherry on my cakeWell, I’m looking for an external facing flat in the historical centre of Málaga with a minimum of two bedrooms and a lot of natural light. I have quite a bit of furniture so perhaps an unfurnished or semi-furnished flat would be the best option for me and my houseplants.

Finally, if George Clooney lives next door, then that would be the cherry on the cake!

So, if you know of someone, who knows of somebody please email me as I would be very, very grateful! Janetteocarroll@gmail.com

Work: Why are talented people discriminated against?

Talented people and jobsYes, it’s time for us all to wake up and smell the coffee; just because we all don’t fit into the ‘square box’ doesn’t make us any less intelligent, creative, productive or human.  It’s time for everyone to recognise that difference is what makes life interesting, progressive and innovative. Read the full article here.

Worryingly, I had never heard about Asperger’s syndrome until the issue was tackled on Boston Legal, one of my favourite TV series. Indeed, if you have some spare time, I wholeheartedly recommend watching this show because it deals with very topical controversial issues in a very humourous way.


Working conditions

working conditions Cambodia textile factoryWorking conditions  refer to the environment in which a person works and may include factors such as: the pay, cleanliness, lighting, noise, equipment, overtime pay, uniforms, access to childcare, gyms and health insurance. What are your working conditions like?  How might you improve them? These are some of the things I would change in the private and public sectors if I worked for the government:

  1. Encourage flexible working hours
  2. Offer subsidised childcare
  3. Get rid of split shifts and encourage more part-time workers and job shares
  4. Encourage ambition by offering free professional development and training
  5. Offer a legal right to take unpaid leave
  6. Get rid of nepotism
  7. Heavily fine acts of sexism, ageism, racism, xenophobia and homophobia
  8. Combat the gender-pay gap
  9. Financially support international working sabbaticals
  10. Demonstrate a zero tolerance of immigrant exploitation

Holy smokes, I really have an opinion about this stuff!  So, government, if you would like some free advice, then knock on my door as I would be extremely happy to explain how all these things are not only financially possible but will increase productively, efficiency, employee satisfaction as well improve your profit margin.  Yep, I know, it’s all about money!