Are British People Polite? With all due respect..

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To take a rain check

can i take a rain chackTo take a rain check is an informal expression which means you can not accept an invitation but you intend to do so at a later date.

For example, last week I was invited out for dinner but because I was working I asked if I could take a rain check.

Are you a Mod or a Punk?

The JamIn my youth you were either a Mod or a Punk, or a nobody, and if you were a Mod then you listened to The Jam, you rode a scooter and you wore a suit. Unfortunately, I was a nobody!

However, I loved the Jam and one of my summer hits of 2014 has been The Jam’s English Rose. So, it’s not an up-tempo song, but it’s the perfect tune to listen to if you sat at Mandelas in Pedregalejo watching the sky turn from blue to pink. What’s happening to me, I’m becoming romantic!?

California Soul

marlenaPerhaps Low Rider, isn’t your thing? No problem, don’t sweat it!

How about the 1969 classic tune, California Soul, from one of the best soul singers, Marlena Shaw?
But, if you want something  with a bit more umph, then I would suggest you get jiggy with this remix. OMG, music is the spice of life.

Are you a music lover?

WarAs a music lover, life without music would be my worst nightmare. In fact, last year my Apple nano decided to test my nerves and stopped working. I would like to say I was as cool as a cucumber, but the truth is I was on my knees crying like a baby. Luckily for me, I have a Teckie Knight who always comes to the rescue and saves my life.
Anyway, Janette’s summer duke box has gone retro and this month has all been about old tunes. So, how about shaking your stuff to the 1975 classic tune Low Rider from a not so well-known band War. It’s brilliant!

A music lover

music-lover2A music lover is a person who is mad about music.

In my family, my younger sister and I love music, my brother is a book worm, my elder sister a workaholic and my mother is keen on hats.

The happiness equation!

Recently, I blogged about how some kids defied Newton’s equation of the law of motion and yesterday I read an article on the Internet which suggests that mathematically you can predict happiness. According to these researchers, the mathematical equation for happiness is as follows: happiness equationAnd, if you can predict happiness, then logically speaking you can learn how to make yourself and others happy.

Ok, I understand why so much time, effort and money is put into researching this idea. It’s obvious: ask most people what they want out of life and they say: ‘I want to be happy’. And, despite the fact that we know a lot about the consequences of this emotion, for instance it’s a well known fact that happiness improves our mental and physical health and therefore our lives in general, generally speaking, we don’t have a clue about what makes us and keeps us happy. If we did, ‘Big Pharmaceutical’ would already be cashing in and ripping us off. magic_roundabout

(Ok, as an aside, for those of you who spent their university life popping ecstasy pills, eating magic mushrooms and watching re-runs of the TV kids show, The Magic Roundabout, this doesn’t count – yes, it’s true, these drugs usually make you feel happy but this type of happiness isn’t sustainable, nor practical if you want to function in the given constraints of modern society, i.e. you want to be a law abiding citizen,and or earn a living!

So, if we have to exclude legal and illegal medication, what does this formula mean, and how can we use it to have a happier life? Well, according to the research, happiness and different levels of happiness is proportionately linked to the achievements of our expectations. So, for example, if you expect to achieve something and you don’t, then you are not going to be happy. However, if you expect to achieve something and you do, then you are happy, but, and most importantly, if you don’t expect to achieve something and you do, then you are over the moon with happiness and uncontrollable bliss.

scienceOk, I have 2 responses to this research:

  1. OBVIOUSLY, no shit Sherlock Holmes, Elementary my dear Watson!
  2. WHO funded this research? Moreover, why didn’t they pay me for some simple common sense?

In addition, I have one piece of practical advice for everyone who wants a happier life:

  1. Expect nothing and you will always be happy!

Seriously, that can’t be right!

Expect nothing, or lower your expectations and you’ll be happier. For example, according to this mathematical equation, if I think my boyfriend is a thoughtless waste of space, I’m always going to be happy with him because, well because if he does something, or once in a blue moon he engages his brain cells. I’m sorry, but that’s just not acceptable!  What are your feelings?

Surely, happiness is much more complex than a correlation between expectation and reward. So, if you want to read more about happiness, then click here.


Hangover Cures

hangover cures worldMost of us have woken up the morning after a wild night painting the town red with a banging headache. You know it’s going to be a bad day when you can’t even lift your head off the pillow without your brain screaming at you: PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, CALL THE HOSPITAL!!
Yes, you’ve got a hangover from hell and probably only a vague recollection of what happened the night before. So, what are the best hangover cures?
A client suggested these hangover cures to me:

  1. Drink 2 glasses of milk before you go to bed.
  2. Eat a banana
  3. Drink a sprite

diet cokeCuriously, the hangover cure that works for me is to take some super strength aspirin, wash it down with a litre of diet coke and then watch children’s TV. The reason I know this works is because I spent 3 years doing it at university and I never missed a lecture as a result of a hangover. Ok, sometimes I didn’t get to university because I had to pass at least 5 pubs to get there, all of them seducing me inside with the promise of a pint of lager, a packet of crisps, a game of pool and some intellectual mumbo-jumbo about philosophy with my University mates.

bloody maryHowever, my brother and elder sister have a completely different opinion, they swear by the hair of the dog method. This means, they wake up, and have a bloody mary. A bloody mary is a drink made with vodka, tomato juice some worcestershire sauce and a stick of celery to stir it with. – disgusting!

Other people suggest a fruit and vegetable milkshake, but seriously, who is going to turn on the blender when you already think your head is about to explode?! So, what’s your hangover cure?

Warning: the effects of alcohol can cause unusual behaviour!

CartojalMálaga’s August summer fare is all about painting the town red; yes the main objective is to have fun. It’s a time to meet up with friends, make new friends, dance, eat and obviously drink cartojal, ( well not for me as I can’t stand sweet wine) In addition, it’s the time to laugh your pants off at the effects of alcohol.

There are usually 4 categories of behaviour: (British people excluded as we usually just want to hit other people).

  1. Drunk person thinks they are invincible and pretends to have the superhuman power of flight
  2. Drunk person becomes amorous and affectionate. They start to say: ‘I love you’ to everyone and everything, including tables and chairs.
  3. Drunk person, all of a sudden, falls down and then as quickly falls asleep
  4. Drunk person becomes philosophical and starts incoherently blabbing on about the meaning of life.

So, when you’ve had a few too many alcoholic drinks, what are you like? Do you get superhuman powers, do you fall in love, fall asleep or do you become a walking, talking book of philosophy? Unfortunately for my friends, I am prone to do all 4 simultaneously!

To paint the town red

to paint the town redTo paint the town red is an idiom which means to go out and enjoy yourself in the evening, often drinking a lot of alcohol and dancing your little socks off.

I’ve been wondering if this idiom comes from Bunol and the La Tomatina festival. What do you think?